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Win over customers, keep them happy, and turn them into lifetime brand advocates through the power of Email.

Own Your Audience.

Let's face facts, these days we don’t really own our acquisition channels, especially across paid ones.

That's why we focus on creating industry-leading customer experiences with your products & brand though the power of email.

We build, engage & nurture our clients customers through smart email marketing, to increase conversion & life time customer value for our clients.
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Rock Your Customers Experience.

We build & optimise automated marketing channels to help our clients regain full control over the customer shopping experience, from discovery through to delivery.

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The Power & Scale of Email.

3,800% ROI
Email Marketing produces on average $38-41 for every $1 spent, making it the best and most consistent ROI out of any marketing tactic out there.
More effective than Facebook and Twitter when it comes to acquiring new customers.
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Selling to people who actually want to hear from you is more effective than interrupting strangers who don’t.

Seth Godin
#1 Best Selling Marketing Expert

We Help Companies Build & Scale



Your Products Are Unique, Your Store Should Be Too.



Nurture Your Audience and promote products to the people who love you. 


“Who would've guessed email would be our silver bullet!”

“We saw a 30% increase in sales from our cart abandonment campaigns after Volt Media helped us create an automated email flow to drive customers back to their basket & checkout their purchases.
Josh G.

Grow Your Email List.

We help you to leverage advanced targeting and display rules to maximize opt-in rates and enhance your potential customers user experience.

Then we'll craft a Welcome Series to tell your brand story and encourage new subscribers to complete their first purchase.
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Reconnect With Shoppers.

Convert browsers into buyers with personalized campaigns based on their browsing behavior & products they love.

Reconnect with shoppers who visited product pages but never completed checkout and send emails with the exact product content and even related product recommendations that they are interested in.
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Increase Your Customer Lifetime Value.

Buying behavior for different product categories will always vary from one brand to the next.

We'll help identify and implement the most relevant post-purchase campaigns to your specific products.
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We Never Set & Forget

The key to consistent ROI is frequent optimization.

Your customers expect messaging that's personalized just for them.

We'll help you use your historical purchase and email data to create deeper customer segments to better target your audience.
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More Revenue
Minus The Ads.

1/3 of all e-commerce traffic comes from returning visitors.

Can you guess the top source of traffic?
Hint: It's Email!

Your email list is one of your best channels for driving consistent, repeat traffic back to your store.

From making your first sale, to driving continuous repeat orders to your business, email remains unrivalled in effectiveness & cost efficiency.

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All Signal,
No Noise.

We don’t run your Facebook Ads, your social media management, or your Sales calls.

We remain laser focussed on simply finding a better way to deliver the true value of your products to your customers through the power of email.

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