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How We Improved Kabloom’s Email Marketing Strategy and Increased Revenue by 31%


We worked with Kabloom, a Purpose-Driven Brand, improve their email marketing strategy by increasing conversions and boosting revenue. When we started working with Kabloom, their email marketing strategy only accounted for 5% of their revenue. This case study will discuss how we improved Kabloom's email marketing strategy and the resulting outcomes.


The primary objectives of our partnership with Kabloom were to enhance the consistency of their email campaigns, expand their email list, increase brand loyalty, and improve revenue attributed to email marketing.


To help Kabloom achieve these goals, we created a custom email marketing strategy designed to enhance customer engagement and increase conversions. Our approach included the following steps:

Building Automated Flows
We built essential automated flows to improve the customer's purchase journey. These included the welcome flow, abandoned cart, post-purchase, customer win-back, browse abandonment, and several reminders that follow up with active subscribers providing incentives to take action and complete their purchase. By providing auto-applied discount codes on checkout, we also reduced friction in the customer's purchase journey.

Creating Custom Branded Emails
Understanding the importance of consistent branding, we created custom branded emails that reinforced Kabloom's identity. The custom content calendar we built using our Email Campaign Blueprint included all the campaigns we could potentially run for Kabloom throughout the year.

Segmenting the Email List
We segmented Kabloom's email list to better understand their subscribers' needs. This segmentation allowed us to target the subscribers more effectively. By sending out regular campaigns with value-added content as well as sales-driven content, we created product awareness and brand loyalty.

Optimizing Campaigns
Using engagement metrics and conditional splits, we segmented Kabloom's audience to target them based on their level of engagement. We then A/B tested subject lines and preview text to optimize the automated flows and campaigns and achieve the best open and click rates.


Our efforts led to the following outcomes:

Increase in Revenue
Our partnership with Kabloom led to a 31% increase in store revenue. This increase was primarily due to our targeted email campaigns that created brand loyalty and awareness.

Increased Subscriber Engagement
Our work with Kabloom also resulted in a 1200% increase in engaged subscribers. By creating a custom content calendar and sending out regular campaigns with value-added content, we provided subscribers with valuable information that kept them engaged and interested in the brand.

Increased Open and Click Rates
We achieved an average open rate of 35% and a click rate of 5%. These rates are above industry benchmarks and show that our campaigns effectively engaged subscribers.

“Volt got to grips with our business values, tone and message very quickly and within days they were creating templates and campaigns that met our needs.”

Additional Deliverables:

In addition to the above-mentioned email marketing deliverables, we also provided Kabloom with several SMS marketing deliverables. SMS marketing is a powerful tool that can complement email marketing by reaching subscribers directly on their mobile devices. Our SMS marketing strategy for Kabloom included the following:

Abandoned Cart SMS Campaign
We created an abandoned cart SMS campaign that reminded subscribers of items they left in their cart and provided an incentive to complete their purchase.

Welcome SMS Campaign
The welcome SMS campaign introduced new subscribers to the brand and provided an incentive to make their first purchase.

Birthday SMS Campaign
The birthday SMS campaign sent subscribers a special message on their birthday, including an incentive to make a purchase.


Our efforts led to the following outcomes:

  • A 31% increase in store revenue
  • A 1200% increase in engaged subscribers
  • A 35% average open rate
  • A 5% click rate

Customer feedback was also positive, with one customer saying, "We got to grips with our business values, tone, and message very quickly, and within days they were creating templates and campaigns that met our needs."


We helped Kabloom to achieve their goals by developing an effective email marketing strategy. By creating custom branded emails and automated flows, improving customer engagement, and conducting A/B testing, Kabloom experienced a significant increase in revenue and customer engagement. With the outcomes achieved, Kabloom can continue to scale their email marketing strategy and achieve further success in the future.

  • Build essential automated flows to improve the customer's purchase journey
  • Optimize flows and campaigns with A/B testing
  • Increase conversion rates and customer engagement
  • Segment the email list for better targeting
  • Create a content calendar

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